Winter Programme (September 2018-April 2019)

Members meet every Wednesday in Ferring Village Hall, 9:30-11:30 A.M.

Date Subject Homework
Sep 5th Work out some of your summer sketches Summer sketches worked out, with good contrast
Sep 12th Bells of any kind, make a good composition first & work out
Sep 19th Portrait model, one pose for the morning
Sep 26th Waiting at the bus stop & critique
Oct 3rd Oriental style landscape, watercolours & ink Surrealistic paintings use your imagination
Oct 10th Work out/finish the above using good contrast & focal point
Oct 17th Surrealistic still life. Study Dali etc. but use your own design
Oct 24th Sign posts, fences, poles etc. Mixed media
Oct 31st Make a composition from more than one picture/photo/sketch & critique
Nov 7th Messy table after tea/meal/painting session. Christmas card and paper designs, or picture
Nov 14th Work out the above in a finished painting, good composition
Nov 21st Nude model posing
Nov 28th Design Xmas card, 1 large flower filling page, colours and gold & critique
Dec 5th Bring lace, or detailed object, piece of bark. Pencil drawing Patterns in pencil
Dec 12th Make patterns with various twigs, pen ink, splatter & pastel shade colours in between
Jan 2nd Composition with tubular shapes. Watercolour glazes Poster design of your own choice, for a holiday resort
Jan 9th People lost in an abstract world, possibly the above
Jan 16th Self portrait. Study Jugend style & adopt, use your own design
Jan 23rd Poster for Sussex holidays, broad shapes 3 col. combinations
Jan 30th Horse riding on the beach & critique
Feb 6th Build impossible structure. Study M.C. Escher, but own design Treasure island
With lots of colour and structures
Feb 13th Losing balance, abstract. Keep it very simple, broad design
Feb 20th Nude model posing. Think of creating a statue/solid shape
Feb 27th Treasure Island. Use lots of shades of brown and some gold & critique
Mar 6th Fish, dead/alive. Ink/tea/watercolour/splatter. Experiment Snow scene with animals in it
Mar 13th A monster in land/sea/town scape, can use fish from above
Mar 20th Animals at play. Pastels/acrylic
Mar 27th Snow scene in woods/garden/with animals perhaps & critique
Apr 3rd Study famous painting. Copy, but change the main subject Rooftops. Turn it into an interesting design
Apr 10th As above, stick closely to artists technique, make it a surprise
Apr 17th Portrait. One pose for the morning. Try pastel/watercolour/pen
Apr 24th Flat abstract geometric shapes, repetitive eg. roof tops & critique
May 1st Outdoor painting begins

Learn to put a clear focal point and good contrast in your work.
Work together and exchange ideas in class as much as possible & enjoy!

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Summer Programme

Members meet in different locations every week to sketch and paint outside.

See above for our current winter programme!

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Demonstration Meetings

Art demonstration meetings are held on the third Saturday of every month at
Ferring Village Hall, 2.30-4:30 p.m.,
and visitors are welcome at these (£4 per meeting)

Demonstration Programme 2018/19

2018 2018 cont'd
May 19th Catherine Barnes The way forward - finding a solution to your artwork problems Sep 15th Paul Witton Watercolour in a loose and engaging style
(At St Andrews Church Hall)
June 16th Lindsey Pearson Using Brusho - an interactive session Oct 20th Anne Chadwick Creating an interesting sky in acrylics
July 30th-August 5th Exhibition of members work in Ferring Village Hall Nov 17th Marcus Finch A figurative session in acrylic or oil
Jan 19th Sharon Hurst A fantasy face concentrating on shaping, skin tones and glazing, in watercolour
Feb 16th Paul Simmons An oil landscape
Mar 30th Tony Parsons Portrait in oils
Apr 27th AGM

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Our latest demonstration

"Figures in acrylic" by Marcus Finch

There was an excellent turn out to see Marcus demonstrate, bolstered by 14 guests. This may be a record number for recent years.

Marcus introduced himself, providing a brief history of his career. Most recently he has been teaching in the West Sussex area. He then anounced that he was going to paint not one but two pictures in the two hours available.

Marcus urged us not to spend a lot of money on materials. Plastic lids as palettes and reasonable brushes from Seawhites were to be used for this demonstration.

He stressed that he would not be striving for photo-realism. Rather he would emulate the style of Jack Vettriano, whose work he admired. For his first painting Marcus created a dark vibrant background by applying the paint with circular motions of the brush. He then put this to one side to dry.

For the second painting Marcus used a reference photograph of a couple dancing the tango. He stressed the importance of placing the reference parralel to your work. He also demonstrated how to check that the rectangles of the reference and the work are of the same relative dimensions. He then took a great deal of time showing how to draw out the subject using angles, measurement and shapes to produce an accurate repesentation.

After the break Marchus painted over his pencil lines in red, creating a strong outline of the image. He then laid in the darks starting with a dark mix of french untramarine and burnt umber. He then overpainted this purple with gradually lighter mixes to achieve skin tones and other details. All the time he was careful to leave the red outline visible.

Finally Marcus added an imaginary background. By eliminating the white he hoped to make the highlights of the painting more pronounced. The finished painting was completed with rather less than 20 minutes of the available time remaining.

Marcus then returned to the background prepared at the beginning. Using a refence of two flamenco dancers, and no preparatory drawing he proceeded with another painting. White was applied with a square brush to capture the highlights. Mid tones were added in brown, and then the darks. Finally a bright red was used to capture the skirt in movement. In a little under 8 minutes the painting was completed.

Our thanks go to Marcus for a thoroughly entertaining and informative afternoon. A great way to finish our demonstration programme for 2018.

Click here to see some of our previous demonstrations!

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Location of Ferring Village Hall

Address: Ferring Street, Ferring, West Sussex, BN12 5JP


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Map to Ferring Village Hall

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